Provider Trust Critical to Overcoming Connected Building Challenges

July 9, 2019

Research firm IDC surveyed 206 managers of IT and operations to determine the challenges of selecting the right technology for connecting a building’s assets. The research revealed that selecting a trusted provider as well as involving the right stakeholders was critical to successful implementation.

This demonstrates the importance of making sure the right stakeholders—and the right solution provider—are part of the comprehensive planning process. This applies to companies looking to reduce energy costs and/or tap into location-based data.

The number of connected buildings across North America is on the rise as indicated by the IDC Infographic: Challenges of Implementing Connected Building Projects, (sponsored by Acuity Brands). In fact, almost 30% of those companies surveyed have deployed a connected building solution; another 60% are considering it.

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In selecting a solution, the report shows companies making investment decisions have faced—or are likely to face five main challenges in getting the project off the ground:

Big Potential = Big Upfront Decisions

A connected building can transform a physical space from a cost center to an operational asset, evolving with a business’s changing needs to create an elevated experience for all stakeholders.

It also drives actionable insights and dynamic process improvements, resulting in better outcomes for both businesses and building managers.

Given this potential for the connected building and the data it makes available to change an organization’s entire value stream, a lot is at stake.



How a Smart Building Evolved into a Strategic Asset

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Still, different decision-makers face distinct associated challenges or initial fears. Although security and cost are top-of-mind in any technology deployment, investors in building connectivity identify other concerns unique to their own organizational role.

A case in point, 24% of operations personnel noted security as a top concern, and 22% specifically noted hardware security as the top concern when deploying connected building technologies.

Deployment challenges seen by operations respondents

On the other hand, business decision-makers recognize ongoing costs (29%) as their top concern when deploying the connected building, followed security and data privacy.

Deployment challenges seen by business decision makers

For those who have already deployed connected-building technology, the IDC survey demonstrates that security (26%) remains to be the biggest challenge, followed by ongoing maintenance costs.

What Are the Options?

To “solve” the challenges of connected-building deployment, the key is to partner with a provider that understands the entire technology/building/IoT ecosystem and can work closely with decision-makers to address their concerns over the duration of the implementation process.

By employing sensors and actuators to monitor real-time activity within the space, the connected building allows managers to use data captured from disparate sources and analyzed collectively through intermediary software. The result is a more intelligent, connected building.

This is the “big picture” in how systems work together to solve business problems or create opportunities.

For example, at the District Center building located in D.C.’s historic downtown, JLL, a leading real estate firm and MetLife Investment Management, the building’s owner, recently partnered with Acuity Brands, Inc. to leverage intelligent, smart building technologies throughout the building’s modern update to meet the demands of current and future business tenants.

District Center Ceremony held on June 28th
(Photo: District Center Ceremony held on June 28, 2019. Courtesy of Acuity Brands)

Using connected building solutions from the Acuity Brands® portfolio: building management solutions from Distech Controls®, smart lighting systems (from Lithonia Lighting®, Mark Architectural LightingTM and Juno®) and digital networked lighting controls from the nLight® platform, this connected building is a living example of a successful deployment that overcame the challenges most decision makers claimed from the IDC infographic.

Get more information about Acuity Brands unified building solutions and download the IDC Infographic: Challenges of Implementing Connected Building Projects, (sponsored by Acuity Brands).

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