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Why Content Marketing?

Content marketing is an established marketing discipline that drives measurable, trackable results for organizations that want to reach building owners and facility managers.


Develop an integrated content marketing strategy to deliver your buildings industry insights to a targeted audience of building owners and facility managers that wants and needs your knowledge.


Save money and time by leveraging content and data to achieve the results your product marketing team has been seeking. Grow your brand and digital footprint with engaging articles, podcasts, social media posts and more, expertly crafted by Buildings content strategists.

Audience Outreach

Engage, like, share and interact with your audience in the digital world with a strategic content distribution and promotion strategy that is tailored to the needs and preferences of busy facilities professionals.

Brand Awareness

The Internet is crowded, and relevant, useful content stands out. We’ll help you uncover actionable stories that matter to facilities teams, building owners and maintenance staff.

About Us & Our Methodology

Top global content marketers Mariah Obiedzinski and Christoph Trappe are here to help you drive brand awareness and industry expertise. They've worked with manufacturers and agencies around the globe and are excited to work with you now.

  • Strategy first – including the goals
  • Audience knowledge (personas)
  • Resource review
  • Workflow optimization
  • Ongoing implementation and measurement

Who We Are

Mariah Obiedzinski

Director of Content Services
Stamats Communications, Inc.

Mariah Obiedzinski is Director of Content Services at Stamats, where she leads a team of conversion-centered digital strategists. She has a decade of content marketing experience, including editing, ghostwriting, and news reporting. She is also recognized nationally in the content marketing industry and is a two-time presenter at the international Content Marketing World conference.

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