Dripping faucet
Guaranteed 12-20% Savings in Water & Sewer Bills for Mid-high Rise Properties

Are your tenants ripping out your low-flow faucets and showerheads? A revolutionary solution for water conservation installs in the heart of a property’s water distribution system, eliminating the need for you to invest in low-flow fixtures. Join us to learn more about this water-reducing system, which guarantees a savings of 12-20% on water and sewer bills.  

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how precise control of flow addresses conservation throughout an entire property.
  • See how the IAPMO standard certified flow control system adjusts to changes in the current water pressure and reduces unnecessary water entering a facility.
  • Understand how reducing water flow without adversely affecting water pressure is possible.
  • Learn why revenue-grade measurement and verification is important for flow control

Earn 1 LU of credit through the AIA and 1 CPD credit from BOMI International.

From Our Partner(s)

From Our Partner(s)
Paul Errigo
Paul Errigo

Paul Errigo is responsible for business strategy, management, business development, and executing all operations for the company. Mr. Errigo has proven leadership and energy management experience in multiple functional areas of the business, from systems (Cogeneration and efficiency) to procurement and renewables. Mr. Errigo is an accomplished entrepreneur and a frequent featured speaker/panelist on energy & water procurement and conservation measures for various industry associations.

Mr. Errigo has been a specialist in Business Development since 1990. His first professional position was with a Fortune 200 company, where he gained valuable training and experience in sales, marketing, and client management. In 1995, he founded and was CEO of Accounts Receivable Technologies Inc. (ART), servicing primarily Fortune 500 companies. ART grew to 3 offices in two countries with over 150 employees. Mr. Errigo sold ART in 2011 and co-founded GREENCROWN Energy & Water (GCEW) in 2012.

Mr. Errigo is an active member in many organizations including BOMA (Building Owners Management Association) International, the US EPA’s CHP Partnership, NYARM (NY Association of Realty Managers), US Green Building Council, AEE, NJ Clean Energy Program, CIANJ, HFMA, and several others. He is an active member and moderator of Entrepreneurs Organization, which continues to be a valuable source of experience and education on an unlimited number of topics.

Mr. Errigo currently serves as a chairman for the Rock for Hope Charity of St. Jude’s Hospital and has sat on the Board of Directors and/or the advisor board for Rotary International, the American Red Cross, the Alzheimer’s Association, and the American Cancer Society. He is a founder and board member of the Indian Society Scholarship Fund for St. John’s University and is active in the SJU Alumni Association.