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Office for a Day

This gallery is part of the Blurring Office Boundaries series. 

CBRE’s Chicago office features the “Office for a Day” concept – employees can reserve enclosed spaces about two weeks in advance for upcoming heads-down work. One-person focus rooms with adjustable height desks are also popular and are available on a first-come, first-serve basis, notes Damla Gerhart, managing director within CBRE’s Workplace Strategy Consulting group, which helped roll out the company’s Workplace360 offering in its own facilities during a consolidation of two Chicago offices.

Additionally, the offices are split up into individual neighborhoods for various departments, with each neighborhood housing a mix of space types. During the Workplace360 implementation, this helped reassure employees concerned about the office’s lack of assigned seating.

“If you’re in the finance department, for example, you have a designated neighborhood on a certain part of the floor. When you get to that neighborhood, you can have a sit-stand space out in the open, you can reserve an office for a day, or you can use one of the focus rooms,” explains Meredith Bell, senior associate within CBRE’s Workplace Strategy Consulting group. “You may not be in the same seat every day, but you’re in the same area as your team.”

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