Flexible Options to Encourage Collaboration

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Quicken Loans

This gallery is part of the Blurring Office Boundaries series. 

Organizations need to be cognizant of how their employees are actually working, says Carl Bergauer, director of contract furniture sales with Business Interiors by Staples. The best way to anticipate a new layout is to observe how people interact in the existing one. Walk the floor, use webcams or surveillance feeds, or review your reservation system for utilization trends.

“Keep in mind that employees create culture, not management, so occupants should be consulted about design changes,” Bergauer recommends. Companies will see pushback about space changes if the layout’s value can’t be easily perceived by users.

These tables and upholstered chairs create a comfortable conference room for Quicken Loans employees at the organization’s 1 Woodward Ave. office in Detroit.

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