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Our Work

Our clients are the cornerstone of our success

Business Solutions

Research Case Study

A business operations solution company looking to better understand what opportunities existed to expand its presence in Class A building maintenance and management practices



Fluid-Applied Roofing: The Solution for a Facility’s Service Life


Research Case Study

An entrance control equipment manufacturer looking for opportunities for market expansion


Special Report

Using Federal Energy Mandates to Boost Facility Performance

Chemical Manufacturing

Research Case Study

A global chemical company looking for clearer, more benefits-driven brand messaging



6 Secrets to Cutting Building Costs with IoT

Commercial Flooring

Research Case Study

A manufacturer of commercial flooring products trying to shift the company’s perception to focus on aesthetic qualities of their product

Johns Manville

Case Study

Maximizing the Value From Commercial Roof Systems

Commercial Installation

Research Case Study

A manufacturer of commercial insulation products looking to access the market potential for product growth in the commercial wall insulation segment