EV Chargers: A Hot Tenant Amenity

October 25, 2021

Talk about sustainable tenant amenities was already circulating before COVID-19, but now that property owners are trying to draw people back to the office, the conversation is heating up again. 

BUILDINGS editor in chief Janelle Penny welcomes Aaron Fisher and Hooman Shahidi of EVPassport to discuss why electric vehicle chargers are an in-demand property amenity and how they can appeal to people who otherwise might continue working from home.

About Our Guests:

Aaron FisherAaron Fisher is the CEO and Co-founder of EVPassport, an electric vehicle hardware and software platform for purpose driven organizations. Prior to EVPassport, Aaron spent a decade working across policy, innovation, and technology at Twitter, The White House (Obama Admin), and management consulting firm SYPartners, where he helped lead technology transformation.


Hooman ShahidiAs President and Chief Revenue Officer of EVPassport, Hooman Shahidi leads the company’s global growth and corporate development operations, including global field sales, customer success, implementation, strategic and channel partnerships, investor relations, revenue operations, and go to market strategy.

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