Paints & Coatings

Exterior Paints

Graham & Brown, a UK wallpaper and paint company, is launching its exterior paint line in the US. The collection of weather-resistant, quick-drying paints features more than 360 colorways.


Latitude Exterior Acrylic Latex is a new exterior coating that utilizes Sherwin-Williams ClimateFlex Technology, which includes moisture resistance and smooth application in temperatures from 35 to 120 degrees F.

Ovation Plus

 HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams introduces its new interior paint and primer, Ovation Plus. Provides even coverage with a lasting finish, along with zero VOCs.

STAIN-PROOF Paver Enhancing Sealer

Paver Enhancing Sealer offers both intense color enrichment and water and liquid protection through a patented combination of silicone technology. The result is a long-lasting, penetrating oil and water repellent solu

Pre-Catalyzed Waterbased Urethane

Sherwin-Williams is expanding its high-performing Pro Industrial line with the introduction of Pre-Catalyzed Waterbased Urethane, a new single-component coating.

Fluropon Metal Trends Color Collection

Sherwin-Williams' new Fluropon Metal Trends Color Collection features eight curated color families: Gold and Brass, Bronze, Silver and Nickel, Blackened Steel, Copper, Steel, Zinc and Anodized.