Walls & Partitions

UNIQUIN Glass Wall System

UNIQUIN is an interior, demountable wall system for office room configuration. Design and separate interior space with glass for higher transparency and increased wellbeing.

Halcyon Collection

The Halcyon Collection is a line of six privacy solutions and TPO wallcoverings that help create welcoming, safe and restorative spaces in healthcare facilities.


The BuzziShield partition panel collection helps define space and blocks excessive noise. It includes three products: BuzziShield Free, BuzziShield Hook and BuzziShield Desk.

Ascent Glass Windscreen

The Ascent Glass Windscreen System is ideal for rooftops, terraces, outdoor dining areas and balconies.

Lunar LCD Privacy Smart Glass

The Lunar Smart Glass Partition System uses polymer dispersed liquid crystal (PDLC) technology, which can transform transparent glass to private in a millisecond.


PalmTheory is a range of configurable palm panels for high-end interiors.

Il Veneziano

Fiandre, part of the Iris Ceramica Group, launches Il Veneziano, a through-body Terrazzo-style porcelain.


Returning to the office? If you need to rethink your office space to meet new health and safety considerations, start with some simple panel partitions.

Shield My Sneeze

As a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Sheet Metal Supply is producing clear plastic barriers to help make schools and workplaces safer.