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Products and furnishings make the spaces we inhabit beautiful, functional and comfortable. In short, they’re intended to make the world better. But they also have the power to harm if they’re not manufactured responsibly.

That’s why we want to celebrate the products that are going beyond surface appeal and making a positive impact on the environment and human health.

Below, you will find submission guidelines, a timeline, product categories, terms & conditions and the six pillars that serve as the criteria against which your products will be evaluated. Your product must fit into one of the provided categories.

Be sure to include a Statement of Intent that describes how the product meets each of the 6 Pillars for Evaluation (Word or PDF docs recommended). Our jurors can only judge on what information you provide, so make sure you are providing a complete representation of your product!

You can include up to three images, but there are no limits on the number of documents you can upload. There is a file size limit of 32 MB per item, but there is no total size limit.

Please note:

1. If you are submitting multiple entries (either in one category or in multiple categories), you must enter the product information and pay entry fees each time you complete a submission. 

2. You must use the same email address for submitting materials and payment.

3. The discount code for any additional entry after the first is: PURPOSE2021

You can submit and pay from this page. We can’t wait to see the way your product is making an impact!

Product Categories

  • Acoustical Solutions
  • Ceilings
  • Envelope, Structural & Windows
  • Fire & Life Safety
  • Flooring – Carpet
  • Flooring – Resilient/Hard
  • Furniture
  • Grounds & Landscaping
  • HVAC
  • Janitorial & Sanitation Solutions
  • Lighting
  • Materials & Surfacing (acrylic, ceramic, composites, glass, laminate, metal, porcelain, resin, solid surface, stone, wood, etc.)
  • Paints & Coatings
  • Kitchen, Bath & Plumbing
  • Roofing
  • Seating
  • Technology/Energy Management
  • Textiles & Fabrics
  • Wallcoverings
  • Walls & Partitions

6 Pillars for Product Evaluation

Products will be evaluated on the following six pillars:
1. Human Health
2. Environmental Sustainability
3. Material Transparency 
4. Circular Economy
5. Corporate Responsibility 
6. Innovation + Design

Evaluation Criteria
For each pillar, submit a statement detailing out how the product in question proves excellence with regard to that pillar and the intent behind the product. If available, provide any supporting documentation such as third-party certifications or test results.

1. Human Health

Statement of Intent: To prioritize the health of building occupants by providing products that reduce the chance of harm.

1. How does this product support a healthy environment for occupants?

2. How does this product elevate the level of health compared to similar products?

Suggested supporting documentation:

  • HPDs
  • Declare Label, Red List Free
  • Living Product Challenge
  • Cradle to Cradle (C2C) certification
  • Cradle to Cradle Material Health Certificate
  • UL Product Lens Program
  • CDPH Standard Test Method v1.2-2017
  • BIMFA e3-2011 7.6.1 , 7.6.2 (VOC reductions)
  • BIFMA LEVEL 7.4.4 (targeted chemical elimination)
  • GreenScreen Certified furniture or textiles
  • Greenhealth Approved
  • SCS Indoor Advantage Gold
  • Green Label Plus
  • CHPS

2. Environmental Stability

Statement of Intent: To fully consider the impact of a product on the environment by responsibly sourcing raw materials.

1. How does this product utilize raw materials in an environmentally responsible way?

Suggested supporting documentation:

  • Chain of custody documentation (FSC, Sustainable Forestry Initiative, etc.)
  • Recycled content
  • Reclaimed or repurposed
  • EPD
  • ILFI Living Product
  • Floorscore
  • GreenCircle, Closed Loop Certified

3. Material Transparency

Statement of Intent: To continue to push for full transparency of products to provide specifiers and purchasers with all information needed to select the healthiest and most sustainable products possible.

1. Does this product provide full transparency?

2. How does the level of transparency of this product set a standard in its respective category?

Suggested supporting documentation:

  • HPDs
  • Declare Labels, Red List Free
  • UL Product Lens
  • USDA BioPreferred
  • Material ingredient reporting

4. Circular Economy

Statement of Intent: To increase the demand for products that are responsibly considering their role in a circular economy and pushing forward into a higher level of environmental responsibility.

1. How does this product consider raw materials? Is there innovation in the way you are using raw products?

2. How does the product demonstrate its place in a circular economy?

3. Does the product have an end-of-life plan?

Suggested supporting documentation:

  • Take-back programs
  • Cradle to Cradle Certification
  • FACTS Certification (textiles)
  • GSES Circular Economy

5. Corporate Responsibility

Statement of Intent: To provide transparency into corporate and manufacturing practices that proves a commitment to ethics, not just products.

1. How does the company that produces this product demonstrate responsibility? Social and Environmental? 

Suggested supporting documentation:

  • BCorp certification
  • ISO certification
  • ILFI Handprint Label
  • Internal documentation

Innovation & Design

Statement of Intent: To continue to push the needle by allowing for and rewarding new innovations and ideas in the field of sustainability. 

1. What sets this product apart?

2. How is this a truly innovative product?

3. Has this product improved upon itself? How has this product been optimized?

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Terms & Conditions

1. Only complete entries will be considered. Incomplete or ineligible entries will be disqualified without notice or return of payment.

2. By entering, the submitter authorizes Stamats to publish the project in print and digital editions of BUILDINGS and i+s magazines and across our digital and social media platforms and share with any media and/or industry partners affiliated with the Purpose Awards, with photographer attribution.

The entry may be reproduced, in whole or in part, for editorial and promotional purposes. Photography fees and publication rights are transferred via the submitter only, and Stamats will not be held responsible for obtaining photography usage rights by any means. 

3. Purpose Awards judges reserve the right to not award a winner in a category and/or to reassign an entry to a different category as they deem necessary.

4. No refunds will be issued under any circumstances.


Entries accepted: July 7-August 31, 2021; entries received by midnight CT on Aug. 31

- Early bird rate thru July 31: $250 for first entry; $95 each additional entry; (Use this discount code for any additional entries: PURPOSE2021)

- Standard rate August 1-31: $375 for first entry; $150 each additional entry; (Use this discount code for any additional entries: PURPOSE2021)

Judging: September 1-October 15, 2021

Winners announced: December 2021

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