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Winston Churchill famously said, “We shape our buildings; thereafter, they shape us.” We couldn’t agree more, because we believe that the built environment has the power to positively impact people and the planet—and we know you do too. 

So, we want to recognize the incredible work your firm is doing to make beautiful spaces while making a difference.

Here, you will find guidelines for submitting your project(s), a timeline, project categories, terms & conditions, as well as the six pillars that our jury will use to evaluate each entry. Projects must fit into one of the provided categories.

Be sure to include a Statement of Intent that describes how the project meets each of the 6 Pillars for Evaluation (Word or PDF docs recommended). Our jurors can only judge on what information you provide, so make sure you are providing a complete representation of your project!

You can include up to three images, but there are no limits on the number of documents you can upload. There is a file size limit of 32 MB per item, but there is no total size limit.

Please note:

1. If you are submitting multiple entries (either in one category or in multiple categories), you must enter the project information and pay entry fees each time you complete a submission. 

2. You must use the same email address for submitting materials and payment.

3. The discount code for any additional entry after the first is: PURPOSE2021

You can submit and pay from this page. We can’t wait to see the impact of your project!

Download Project Submission Guidelines

Project Categories

  • Adaptive Reuse/Historic Renovation
  • Civic/Cultural/Transportation
  • Corporate/Workplace
  • Education – Higher Education
  • Education – K12
  • Healthcare – Medical
  • Healthcare – Senior Living
  • Hospitality – Lodging
  • Hospitality – Food/Beverage
  • Mixed Use
  • Retail/Showroom

6 Pillars for Project Evaluation

Projects will be evaluated on the following six pillars:
1. Equitable Communities
2. Innovation + Design
3. Ecosystems
4. Resource Management
5. Energy Conservation + Management
6. Health + Well-Being

Evaluation Criteria:
For each pillar, submit a statement detailing out how the project in question proves excellence with regard to that pillar and the intent behind the project. If available, provide any supporting documentation such as third-party certifications or site plans.

1. Equitable Communities

Statement of Intent: 
1. How does this project contribute to creating a diverse, accessible, open community?

2. How was the local community involved in the design process and their needs taken into consideration?

3. Were there any design solutions that were incorporated as a result of community engagement?

Suggested supporting documentation: 

  • Design Narrative

2. Innovation and Design

Statement of Intent: 
1. What steps have been taken to ensure design intentions are realized and the building project performance holds up post-occupancy?

2. What design elements are present in this project which add beauty to the environment and joy to occupants?

3. How has the project been designed with Resiliency in mind for natural disasters, climate change, and any other future project impacts?

Suggested supporting documentation: 

  • Design Narrative

3. Ecosystems

Statement of Intent:
1. How does this project connect with the larger community and its place within the local ecosystem?

2. How does this project support habitat restoration?

3. What ecological metrics did the project reference from a “pristine site/ecological baseline site” to inform design? Air Quality, Water Infiltration, Biodiversity, Others?

Suggested supporting documentation:

  • Site plan with natural habitat, habitat that supports pollinators area designation
  • Stormwater infiltration, runoff and treatment values

4. Resource Management

Statement of Intent: 
1. How were materials and products selected for this project to reduce embodied carbon?

2. How does this project promote zero waste throughout its life cycle?

3. How does this project reduce water consumption and address efficiency?

Suggested supporting documentation:

  • ILFI Zero Carbon Certification
  • TRUE Zero Waste
  • LEED Zero for water and/or waste
  • Material EPDs

5. Energy Conservation and Management

Statement of Intent: 
1. How does this product meet or exceed building efficiency standards to approach net zero energy or net zero carbon?

2. What passive design elements contribute to this project’s performance?

3. How does this project provide for continuous performance improvements over its lifetime?

Suggested supporting documentation:

  • LEED Zero for energy
  • ILFI net zero energy or carbon certification

6. Health and Well-Being

Statement of Intent:
1. How does the project promote connection and interaction with nature?

2. How does the project promote daylight, but eliminate glare for regularly occupied spaces?

3. What steps within this project have been taken to improve indoor air quality?

4. What biophilic design elements have been incorporated into this project?

5. What other elements have been incorporated into this project which positively impact the health and happiness of occupants?

Suggested supporting documentation:

  • Daylight model
  • Site plans with biophilic elements labeled
  • Ventilation calculations

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Terms & Conditions

1. Only complete entries will be considered. Incomplete or ineligible entries will be disqualified without notice or return of payment.

2. By entering, the submitter authorizes Stamats to publish the project in print and digital editions of i+s and BUILDINGS magazines and across our digital and social media platforms and share with any media and/or industry partners affiliated with the Purpose Awards, with photographer attribution.

The entry may be reproduced, in whole or in part, for editorial and promotional purposes. Photography fees and publication rights are transferred via the submitter only, and Stamats will not be held responsible for obtaining photography usage rights by any means. 

3. Purpose Awards judges reserve the right to not award a winner in a category and/or to reassign an entry to a different category as they deem necessary.

4. No refunds will be issued under any circumstances.


Entries accepted: July 7-August 31, 2021; entries received by midnight CT on Aug. 31

- Early bird rate thru July 31: $250 for first entry; $95 each additional entry; (Use this discount code for any additional entries: PURPOSE2021)

- Standard rate August 1-31: $375 for first entry; $150 each additional entry; (Use this discount code for any additional entries: PURPOSE2021)

Judging: September 1-October 15, 2021

Winners announced: December 2021

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