How to Design Bird-Safe Buildings

Few things are more dangerous to birds than buildings. Fortunately, advancements in glass technology and legislative measures are helping address the problem. Learn more about creating bird-safe buildings.

Announcing the Inaugural Purpose Awards from BUILDINGS and i+s

In this episode, VP of Media Steven Sloan joins Chief Content Director Robert Nieminen to announce a brand new awards program: The Purpose Awards. Find out why we're launching this new program to celebrate and elevate the products, projects, designs, and spaces that contribute most to the Triple Bottom Line—People, Planet, Profit. The products and projects that not only do no harm, but best support the health and wellness of humans and the planet.

BUILDINGS 2019 Year in Review

BUILDINGS reviews the top-performing stories on, including spotlights on tenant amenities, open office tips and gender-neutral restroom design. See the top BUILDINGS articles of 2019.

Retrofitting Audiovisual in a Historic Space

Renovations of older spaces require careful planning and execution, but when it comes to updating audiovisual technology, a number of considerations should be made. Read now to learn what to take into account.

AIA Compensation Report 2019 Finds Pay and Benefit Increases

The latest AIA Compensation Report finds architect salaries are up over $10,000 since 2017. The compensation report provides salary data for more than 40 architecture firm positions across the U.S. as well as industry salary and analysis on where the market is headed.