Real Time Insights Can Drive Better Capital Planning

Building managers, whether they’re with development companies, corporations or in the public sector, are generally locked into capital planning exercises that are conducted annually, or even much less often, sometimes just once every three to five years.

3 Ways to Create a Memorable Stadium Experience

Recent economic opportunities and advancing technologies have sparked revitalization in the stadium marketing and that’s giving fans and players an entirely new experience with how stadiums are designed. Owners and designers have learned that fans want more than a building, they want a relationship.

Evolution of Architectural Licensing and Its Importance

Building owners and facility managers may not be directly tied to architectural licensing and the 100-year history of how the NCARB evolved to help provide education and other resources to architects. But it’s an interesting conversation and provides insight into why these regulations are in place to protect you, your facility and your occupants.

Bird’s Eye View from the Floor at the AIA Conference 2019

Skylights and aerial photography—both show you a unique view of your building. One helps building owners and facility managers track building damage from above while the other opens up the inside of a building with natural daylighting (also from above). Christoph Trappe walks the floor at AIA Architectural Conference in Las Vegas and chats with Velux and Nearmap about their products.

Smart Design for Shared Spaces

Occupants need space to get away from their desks and collaborate with coworkers. Flexible, inviting shared spaces enable a more productive work environment.

How to Navigate a Wayfinding Redesign

Too many building owners overlook wayfinding when renovating an office or interior space. Find out why you should consider signage, color, lighting and other elements to direct occupants around the new space.