Multi-family Housing Facilities

5 Multifamily Amenities that Promote Wellness

People are looking for harmony between the professional and the personal, and nowhere is this more pronounced than in multifamily and mixed-use communities. These 5 amenities support active lifestyles while serving as market differentiators.

How to Finance Multifamily Solar Projects

Building owners and managers take on all the costs and risks of installing solar panels, but tenants reap most of the profits because each housing unit pays for its own electricity consumption, leaving the owner no savings to pay back the investment. Innovative financing strategies can help offset the split incentive problem. Learn how.

How Urban Growth Affects Building Plans

How does urban growth affect current and future building plans? We look to Iowa City as an example of how one city’s skyline is taking on new heights to meet the demands of a growing population.

AHR Expo: Firestops That Also Fight Water Intrusion

In multi-floor buildings, code requires firestop systems that can prevent the spread of fire, smoke and gases between floors. This device for concrete buildings meets code requirements and also shields lower floors from water intrusion.

Christmas Eve Chaos: Evacuation of Sydney Opal Tower

Approximately 3,000 people were evacuated on Christmas Eve 2018 from Sydney Opal Tower, a 34-story building located in Sydney Olympic Park in Australia. According to police, it was due to a crack in a load-bearing concrete panel.

5 Ways IoT Changes the Game for Multifamily Facilities

Multifamily facilities stand to benefit in a number of unique ways from IoT technology. In an increasingly competitive rental market, smart apartments and condos are becoming more popular for residents and facilities managers alike. Let’s look at five ways IoT is changing the game for multifamily facilities management.