Sustainability & Resilience

How to Design Bird-Safe Buildings

Few things are more dangerous to birds than buildings. Fortunately, advancements in glass technology and legislative measures are helping address the problem. Learn more about creating bird-safe buildings.

3 Ways to Reuse Materials

Specifying environmentally friendly furniture is important, but what does that mean? Here’s how to choose furnishings and other materials that are reusable or recyclable during your renovation.

Inside the Business of EPDs

An explosion of ecolabels has the industry racing to keep up. Here’s a little advice on how to keep them (and your head) straight when specifying responsibly.

How to Create More Resilient Hotels

Hotels have been plagued with low occupancy since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. One way to make hotels more resilient against the impacts of future pandemics is designing flexible spaces. Learn more.

EV Chargers: A Hot Tenant Amenity

Talk about sustainable tenant amenities was already circulating before COVID-19, but now that property owners are trying to draw people back to the office, the conversation is heating up again.