A Case for Future-Proofed Indoor Location Services

February 21, 2019

How Energy Efficient Infrastructure Unlocks Indoor Location Services

Technology must match the industry it serves. The premise of tech is exciting; however, technology developed for tech’s sake will not necessarily fit the needs of customers. It can, but it is rare.

Technology must match the industry it serves. Acuity Brands Indoor Location Services for Buildings.

If we look at the current landscape, I predict a shakedown continuing in the technology industry where technologies will be sorted out by three categories.

1. Good enough is the equivalent of a basic, static LED light that is limited to energy savings alone.

2. Just enough means energy savings plus light controls with a bit of visualization.

3. Future-proofed brings the above, plus a 30% reduction in commissioning, advanced controls and IoT capabilities driven by data capture. Evolutionary by nature, it enables firmware upgrades and real-time visual tools across a single application or building system.

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The connected building would provide a foundation that could be easily upgraded, updated and augmented for services such as asset tracking, wayfinding/navigation or operations. It would be a building that would become a strategic asset.

Staying Competitive With ILS

In the future as well as today, companies need to remain competitive in the marketplace. This is where technology will play a role, and companies will need to make a conscious decision to be disruptive.

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Our goal in driving ILS into the market place was to help our customers and business partners be more successful. This meant working with customers in co-development strategies and applying use cases where this technology would bring value not only to the building but also to the end customers.

Companies need to remain competitive in the marketplace. Technology is a big part of that.

How do you decide when to embrace technology? When it comes to Indoor Location Services, the time is now—it just makes sense.

About the Author:

Laurent Vernerey, EVP & President, Technology Group, Acuity Brands, Inc.Laurent Vernerey, EVP & President, Technology Group, Acuity Brands, Inc.

As president, Laurent oversees IoT-enabled business solutions, which include intelligent luminaires, building management and controls as well as the supporting software services. He most recently served as president and CEO of Schneider Electric’s North American Operations where he led the organization in its Industrial Internet effort.

During his 30+ year tenure, he transitioned the company’s focus from products to digital solutions after previously evolving the industrial giant into a technology company. He is a board member of Tulip Interfaces, working to balance the human side of automation and integration of IT-OT. 


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