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How to Specify Cable Railings

Need to specify a durable, corrosion-resistant solution to define perimeters, connect spaces or complement your existing design? Cable railings may be the solution for you. 

Smart Irrigation Controller: BOMA 2019

Manage your water irrigation system from your phone using weather data to more accurately determine how much water to use. Some property managers have cut costs by about 35%. Christoph Trappe talks with Jake Bryan from Smart Rain about the many benefits of their water consumption solution.

The Wall: Monument to American Stubbornness

As the partial government shutdown enters its third week, politicians on both sides of the aisle continue the stalemate over the wall, America’s first built structure to cause the government to come to a grinding halt.

5 Trending Tenant Amenity Ideas for Your Facility

Tenants want more – oftentimes a one-stop destination for things like food, fitness and wellness. So when considering amenity upgrades at your building or facility, think about creating an experience.